Special Message about Dog Walking Services at Riverview Landing and The Lofts at Valley Forge

I recently saw a question posted on Facebook—“Why pay $20 to have your dog walked when you can pay less?” 

That is an excellent question and hopefully I can offer some helpful answers.  Sometimes comparing one dog walker’s price to another’s can be like comparing apples to oranges.  Is the length of your dog’s walk the same or is it less? While there are many variables to consider, your budget is surely one of them. 

 What can Sue’s Pet Pampering offer you?

PRICE GUARANTEE – Our fee is $20 for a 30-minute walk.  You can be sure that your dog will receive the time and attention you are paying for–and that your price will not be raised–EVER! A good walk can help keep your dog at a healthy weight, which can extend your dog’s life–and at age 10, you will still be paying $20 for your dog’s walk.

CONTINUITY OF SERVICE – Sue’s Pet Pampering has been in business for over 10 years and we can service all of your dog’s needs.  We not only offer dog walking at Riverview Landing and the Lofts at Valley Forge, but we also service many surrounding communities. If you need to move, we have adequate staff to care for your pet at your new home.  We also offer daycare and boarding–if you need more than a walk, your dog will be cared for by someone it has already bonded with.  Since we are located off site, we also have a place where we can take your pets on those rare occasions that there is an emergency at your apartment complex. 

RELIABILITY AND TRUST – We are insured, bonded and background checks are available upon request. I have known my dog walkers for 10 to 25 years, so you are able to trust us not only with your pets but also in your home.  You can call us in case of an emergency–at no additional charge to you.  We do not have “penalty fees” for cancelling a walk or adding a last-minute walk.  We appreciate your business and are very flexible with rearranging our time to provide you with what you need for your pet.

CAT CARE – I was a cat lover before I ever became a dog parent.  I worked in veterinary offices for over 10 years and adopted many “special needs” cats– many who didn’t have a special need, other than needing a permanent home!  From years of experience with caring for cats and working at veterinary hospitals, I am well versed in recognizing health concerns in cats.  There is more to cat care than feeding and scooping.  We’d love to meet your cats too.