dog boardingThere are several choices for dog care when you are away from home and many things to consider when deciding who will take care of your dog. But if you would like your dog to stay in a home setting and be treated like family, Sue’s Pet Pampering is the best choice for your dog.

At Sue’s Pet Pampering, your dog lives in a home and has something not available in a typical kennel environment–freedom!! Although we are equipped with various sizes and types of crates, they are usually empty. We believe in letting the dogs enjoy themselves, and during the day use crates primarily for separation at meal time, puppy naps and occasional “time outs.” Doors to some crates remain open throughout the day because some dogs like to have access for some private time. But your dog will not spend its day in a crate; he will be enjoying supervised play time with other dogs.

Sue’s Pet Pampering provides a safe, supervised and sanitary environment for your canine companions. We have a large fenced-in yard where your dogs can play all day. There is a separate area for small dogs if separation is needed. For dogs who prefer to hang out indoors, there are numerous choices of comfortable bedding; a futon, chairs, pet steps to give little dogs access to additional resting spots, and laps for snuggling and petting are available too. Our dog visitors are so tired and content at the end of the day that they sleep through the night without a problem, and wake up refreshed and eager to play another day. You will know your dog enjoyed its stay here when you see how excited he is to return! You may even have to drag your dog away from his new friends.

Sue's dog boardingAll of our dog guests are screened before they can stay here. We don’t require a dog to be extremely social, but they do need to get along with other dogs. We do not accept aggressive dogs and for the sake of peace in the household, our guests cannot be big barkers. We invite you and your dog for a meet-and-greet consultation. If this goes well and you think your dog will be happy here, we will be the perfect fit for your dog when you are away.

All visits to Sue’s Pet Pampering are by appointment only to ensure peace and quiet and the safety of the pets. This includes the consultation as well as all drop-offs and pick-ups. Even a very calm group of dogs can go wild with excitement when someone arrives or departs, and we do our best to manage the stress level of our dogs.

Sue’s Pet Pampering has features in place to assure the safety and security of your dog. To enter, the clients must bring their dog through a first gate which is then latched before the second entry gate is opened. The play area is enclosed with 6-foot privacy fencing and in addition, there is a protective barrier along the bottom of the fencing, as needed, so no tiny dogs slip through. Pet parents must bring vaccination records showing current rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccines. We also ask that you bring an adequate supply of the food your dog is accustomed to, along with feeding instructions. Sue’s Pet Pampering provides dog treats, toys, Kongs, bedding and everything your dog might need during his stay.

boarding dogsFees for dog boarding are $50 per night for small dogs and $60 for dogs over 50 lbs. There are no additional costs for play time, one-on-one time, brushing, snuggling, cuddling, tucking into bed or for administering medication. Large dogs who are already established guests will continue to pay the fee of $50 a night. Discounts are available for multiple dogs from the same household and, at the owner’s discretion, fees may be reduced for two or more small dogs.

Our caretakers LOVE dogs, big and small, but space is limited. Please make your reservations early, especially at the busiest times of the year, which are spring break, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and the summer months. Located in King of Prussia, we serve all of Montgomery and northern Chester County, including Exton, Phoenixville, Wayne, West Chester and Collegeville. Please call 610.630.6185 to arrange a tour or to schedule your meet-and-greet consultation.