Cat Sitting: The Feline Side of Sue’s Pet Pampering

Sue’s Pet Pampering’s cat sitting service is unparalleled in facilities and care. While everyone knows how well dogs are treated at Sue’s Pet Pampering, it should also be known that Sue has worked very hard to create a place to pamper pets of the feline purrsuasion as well. Sue’s love for cats and her experience with them dates back to her childhood. Cats were Sue’s first love (just don’t tell any of her canine buddies).

Sue’s father was a veterinarian. Her family lived on a rural farm in the Heartland of America. At an early age Sue was surrounded by all kinds of animals, but the cats were always her favorite. They always occupied a special place in her heart and they always will. For all of her life Sue has been in the company of cats. Her first cat was Marvin, and since then Sue had about 30 cats for pets. From Cattywampus, to Baby Ruth, to Cute as a Bug Doug (just to name a few), each one was loved very much. Marvin taught Sue what it is like to have a cat run her life! From C.W. and Minipin, Sue learned how much she loved her handicapped cats and how hard it is to lose the cats who needed her the most. Hunter showed Sue just how smart and independent a blind and deaf cat can be. Working for 10 years in a veterinary hospital gave Sue even more knowledge of and experience with cats. Sue brings her vast experience with cats and her deep love for them to the cat sitting services of Sue’s Pet Pampering.

A Purrfect Place for Cat Sitting

Sue’s Pet Pampering has created a wonderful cat sitting services and a unique place to board your cat. The boarding areas at Sue’s Pet Pampering are a feline paradise in every way. Sue’s attention to detail and her experience have led her to create spaces that cater to the needs of each purrsonality. The accommodations are first class all around and no expense was spared when it came to creating a place that all cats would love.

After extensive planning and much thought, Sue set up her pens with the needs of all kinds of cats in mind. There are pens for shy cats, pens for playful cats, and pens for cats from multiple cat households. There is an appropriate environment for every kind of cat personality. Sue loves to make her cats comfortable and she knows what they like. Love is the foundation for all that has been done to create Sue’s cat boarding areas. On this foundation Sue has built spaces of beauty that were thoughtfully designed and perfectly built. Using the word “palatial” to describe each boarding area would not be an overstatement. Using the word “purrfect” would be just right. Sue’s Pet Pampering is available for cat sitting and is ready to care for your cat and to bring all of Sue’s experience and all of her love to your pet. This is true pampering purrfection.

Sue’s Pet Pampering is located at 175 Brownlie Road, King of Prussia, PA and can be contacted at (610) 630-6185.