Cat Boarding

Although cats get attached to their own environment, they can get lonely with their family gone. When your family goes on vacation or has plans that may require you to be away from home for an extended period of time, allow your cat to enjoy a piece of relaxation and comfort with other cats just like them. Sue’s Pet Pampering offers a desirable alternative to leaving your cat home alone. Sue’s Pet Pampering is dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere which your cat will quickly settle into and make their second home. A stay with us ensures your cat will be cared for by professionals who will keep watch over the health and well being of your beloved companion. The services and cat suites that we offer will give your cat a second place to call home.

The owner of Sue’s Pet Pampering is a cat lover and has years of experience caring for numerous cats, including those with special needs. She has cared for handicapped and diabetic cats, and with over ten years of experience as a receptionist at veterinary hospitals, she is experienced in recognizing signs of illness. At Sue’s Pet Pampering your cat will be carefully observed for any potential health concerns, and we will monitor appetite, water consumption, urine output and bowel movements, as well as your cat’s activity level.

Although visiting cats are confined, they are not in “cages.” We offer spacious accommodations–our cat suites are measured in feet, not inches, and range from 4.5’x6’ to 13’x13’. All suites are floor to ceiling and are equipped with cat trees, comfortable bedding, cozy hiding places, catnip and laser toys, covered and uncovered litter boxes with various litter choices, and Feliway, an aid in calming anxious cats.

Providing cat suites for $25 to $30 a day per cat, our services are affordable and will provide your cat with much more than just comfortable lodging. At Sue’s Pet Pampering we treat our visiting cats like they are a part of our family. Our professionals can brush your cats, administer medications, trim nails, and provide one-on-one care and playtime, all free of additional charges. Litter is scooped at least 2 to 3 times daily, yummy treats can be provided, and water is always available.

Veterinary records showing proof of current rabies and distemper vaccines must be provided to ensure the safest environment for all of our animals. We also ask that clients bring their own cat food to reduce the chance of their cat’s stomach becoming upset. If your cat enjoys venturing in the great outdoors at your home, please be sure that it has a current application of a reliable flea product.

Discounts are available for long-term boarding and for multiple cat households. We are located in King of Prussia, PA, but also provide cat boarding services for pets from Audubon, West Norriton, Plymouth Meeting, and neighboring areas. Our cat suites will be perfect for your precious pets, so call us today at 610-630-6185 and take a tour of Sue’s Pet Pampering.