Boarding Services

Feline Boarding

Your cat should be current on rabies and distemper vaccines and proof is required from your cat’s veterinarian. Cat suites are available, equipped with cat furniture, places to hide, catnip and comfy napping spots. Households with multiple cats are eligible for reduced rates. Discounts are also available for long-term boarding. Tours of Pet Pampering headquarters are available–please call to arrange a time.

Canine Boarding

Pet Pampering is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania and all dogs are required by the State to have a dog license and a Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough). Proof of current rabies and distemper vaccines must be provided and will be retained for Pet Pampering records. All dogs are required to have a flea treatment (Frontline Plus, Advantage or comparable protection) from mid-May to mid-November. All dogs will be checked for fleas upon arrival. If a dog arrives without a current flea treatment, one will be administered and an appropriate fee will be charged.

Please bring an adequate supply of your dog’s food along with feeding instructions. This should help eliminate any stomach upset due to a change from your dog’s normal diet. Pet Pampering will provide healthy treats for your dog unless you prefer to bring your own.

Extended Care (Pet Sitting)

Our Pet Pamperers will take care of your pets when you are unable to be with them. Whether your absence is for the day or for an extended period of time, our pamperers will be there to fill in for you. You will return home to happy and contented pets! We will visit your pets as many times as you feel necessary to keep your pet content while you are away.

These visits include:

  • exercising your pet with a walk or play in the yard
  • feeding your pet as directed
  • medicating your pet as directed at no additional charge (except for insulin injections)
  • providing your pet with personal attention and tender loving care

Your pet will also be monitored for any signs of illness or upset. Our staff has years of experience working with animals and we have an awareness of when a pet might be in need of medical attention. We will get your pet the medical attention needed if a problem arises while you are away.

Other complimentary services include:

  • mail pickup
  • plant watering
  • giving your home that lived-in look by adjusting curtains and turning lights on and off as instructed by you.

Your pets and home will be cared for by mature, responsible adults who are able to handle emergency situations with your home as well as with your pet.

Dog Walking

Dog walking service is provided throughout the day while you are at work. You can schedule daily dog walks or occasional dog walks as needed. Our dog walking service entails a 30-minute walk or yard outing with your dog. Pet Pampering is very flexible and will try to tailor our dog walking service to meet your specific needs.