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Sue’s Pet Pampering is dedicated to providing your pets with excellent care at an affordable price. Our services are all included in the boarding price, and the great care they will receive is priceless. Your dog or cat won’t need anything additional because our job is to keep them active, loved and well cared for. Sue’s Pet Pampering aims to provide the finest cat and dog boarding services in the area. We realize that there are various kennels in the area to choose from, yet no other cat or dog boarding service provides the same type of luxurious, cost-efficient services like Sue’s.  Our goal is to always keep clients, both “parents” and animals, happy and to ensure the safest/healthiest conditions for your pets! We have provided a comparative analysis, on the links on this page, with the figures of a couple kennels in the surrounding area of King of Prussia, Norristown, Trooper, Audubon, Chesterbrook, Berwyn, Devon, Wayne, Eagleville, Collegeville, Phoenixville, Valley Forge, Riverview Landing, and The Lofts. 

Sue’s Pet Pampering NEVER charges for:

Dispensing medication

One-on-one time

Toys and special bedding 

Email notifications

Cat/dog antics featured on Facebook and photos emailed to “parents”

For comparative analysis click here:

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